Aaah’ life.

Managed to get away from it all, by spending a weekend at a top resort in Kuantan. Nice private beach, room with a view, great fun with the family, eating out and not forgetting frolicking under the sun. The beach  reminds me of the old Pantai Kok in Langkawi.

Twice ate satar sedap sungguh, sampai x makan nasi tengahari. At first the kids kind of hesitant, then they took a liking to it. Belum cuba belum tahu kan, atau tak kenal maka tak cinta.

It was raining heavily, when we were heading home, made worse with an accident on the highway, yet some motorist dared to speed. Must be young punks. Not only endangering themselves but other road users as well.

Really had a good time in Kuantan and the kids must have enjoyed it too.

Till then.


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